C.2000BP - The earliest certain occurrence (presence) of the dog in the Dorset culture context.

1909 - Captain William Perry attained the North Pole with Eskimo Dog Teams.

1912 - Roald Amundsen successfully reached the South pole using Eskimo Dogs.

1920 - Eskimo Dogs numbers in the Canadian North were estimated at 20,000.

1950 - The AKC dropped the Eskimo Dog from the registered ranks due to lack of registrations

1957-59 - Canadian Defense Research Board used Eskimo Dogs during their studies in the Lake Hazen area of northern Ellsmere island.

1963 - Only one CED was listed on the CKC registry. None were registered thereafter and the breed was deemed Extinct as far as official recognition.

1970 - Eskimo Dog numbers had dwindled to less than 200 animals.

1972 - Bill Carpenter and John Mcgrath with assistance from the Canadian Kennel Club and the Canadian Gov. began the Canadian Eskimo Dog Research Foundation (CEDRF) in Yellowknife NWT.

1984 - Cluttom-Brock declared the Eskimo Dog was of North American origins - not of Asian origins

1986 - The first Eskimo Dogs from the CEDRF were registered.

1987 - Renee Wissuccessfully sink recreated the journey of Qitlarssuaq from Igoolik on Baffin Island to Thule Greenland - crossing the Devon, by Eskimo Dog power.

Canadian Eskimo Dog Historical Timeline