Coat Colour:
Any colour or combination of colours are permitted. The most common are black, white, red, gray, silver, and cinnamon (lighter red).

Eye Colour:
Eyes can be any colour except blue. The most common are dark brown, black and yellow.

The Canadian Eskimo Dog requires firm training, and it is essential for this breed as they are very determined. They have a hard-earned instinct for survival.

Male: 27 1/2" inches at the shoulder
Female: 23' inches" at the shoulder

The breed standard for the Canadian Eskimo Dog is the longest of the standards recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. Due to the variety of colours, size, and coat type many individuals have problems recognizing a true Canadian Eskimo Dog. This section will inform you of some of the more recognizable features that are common to a Canadian Eskimo Dog.


Watching some of these Canadian Eskimo Dog directly out of the Yukon eat can be a startling experience: they can catch an 18-inch frozen fish and down it completely in two bites. It happens so fast, the fish never even touches the ground.

- Laura P


Male: The range is 60-105 lbs (27-48 kg), but closer to 88 lbs (39 kg) when in working condition.
Female: The range is 60-80 lbs (28-29Kg), but closer to 65 lbs (39 kg) when in working condition.

Coat Type:
It's long outer coat, curved tail, and dense undercoat allow it to work in the world's harshest and coldest environments.

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